Western Balkans Security Barometer 2022In the framework of the project:

The Future of Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans: Meeting common challenges with mutual objectives

The dynamics and complexities that have been present in the relations between the Balkan countries in the past years simultaneously seem to have demonstrated the necessity of establishing bridges of cooperation, as a precondition for their advancement and affiliation in the European Union. Despite the constant challenges, regional cooperation will remain an indispensable condition to advance the integration process of the Western Balkan countries in the European Union. In this context, the survey carried out as part of the Western Balkans Security Barometer (WBSB) aims to provide a wealth of data for a wide range of actors such as policy makers, security experts, academics, and the media, and also encourage discussions and professional analysis based on the findings and perceptions of public opinion on these issues.
In today’s discussion table Mr. Arjan Dyrmishi made a presentation of the findings of WSBB 2022 with an audience composed of students and lecturers from the Faculty of Economics of Luarasi University. During this meeting, it was emphasised how citizens’ perception of cooperation in the Western Balkans affects the regional market. Also in this meeting, a clear notice was made on the importance of the data driven from Security Barometer as a source for documents and course assignments drawn up by students during their academic life.