The prosecution service in Albania was one of the sectors that was most affected by the reform changes in the justice system, approved in 2016In the framework of the project: C1-EU-NPA – Improved Policy Debate and Accountability to Delivering on Fundamentals First, through the Establishment of Cluster One EU Negotiations Platform – Albania (C1-EU-NPA)

The constitutional and legal changes that were undertaken aimed at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of criminal justice through the consolidation of the mission and functions of the prosecution, as well as through the reorganization of its structures and the redistribution of responsibilities between them.

Several years after the implementation of these changes and the reorganization of almost all justice institutions and the creation of new ones, Albania continues to have a certain level of preparation in the fight against corruption and organized crime, while the fight against cybercrime, human trafficking , online child sexual abuse and money laundering remain problem areas where more results are needed.

Effective criminal prosecution practices play a key role not only in addressing and effectively dealing with the above phenomena, but also in shaping citizens’ trust in justice institutions. In this context, the discussion table “Proceedings, Opportunities and Services of the Prosecutor’s Office in Albania: Public perception in criminal proceedings’ organized by CSDG – Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance aimed at promoting discussions with important actors on the current challenges faced by the prosecution service to understand what goes wrong or hinders the performance of the institution according to expectations.

The findings and recommendations of this panel will be part of the study prepared by CSDG – Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance, which will be published soon.

The analysis carried out aims to identify and carry out an assessment of the main mechanisms necessary for the efficient functioning of the prosecution service in Albania, with the aim of providing recommendations, which support the strengthening of the justice system and criminal policies as a guarantee for the investigation and efficient handling of criminal offences.