“The Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Tirana organized on 5 July 2018 seminar “National Security Policymaking and Strategic Culture: European and Albanian Perspectives”. The aim of this seminar was to present the concept of the strategic thinking and culture and its importance, and to contribute to the building of strategic culture in the Albanian security institution. The relevance of the seminar was framed in both the Albanian and broader European contexts, as the European Union and its member countries and candidates are faced with challenges and threats that require both immediate action and strategic choices which cannot be made without a solid strategic thinking. The seminar, which benefited from the contribution of the organizers of the “2017 Vienna Conference on Strategy”, Brigadier General Wolfgang Peischel, Editor in Chief of the Austrian Military Journal, and Dr. Thomas A. Pankratz, researcher at the Institute for Strategy and Security Policy of the Austrian National Defence Academy, is the first such public event organized in Tirana.