Self-Training Manual: Countering Violent Extremism Through Strategic Communications



Violent extremism is a complex phenomenon and well trained practitioners are invaluable in the effort of preventing and countering it.

This manual aims to provide practitioners at the Coordination Center for Countering Violent Extremism, line ministries and subordinate institutions with information and tools in order to improve their knowledge in developing and deploying strategic communication for preventing and countering violent extremisms propaganda. Furthermore, it can be valuable to the contact points in the education, social care, community policing, and penitentiary system, and also the PR & media departments of line ministries which are responsible for public communication.

The manual can be used as a valuable source of information for the onboarding of new practitioners, a reference for existing practitioners, and as an improvement tool. Through it new practitioners can quickly acquire knowledge to better understand and engage in strategic communication against violent extremism.

The content is divided in two modules (theoretical overview and tools and activities), each of them containing two sections.  This structure allows the practitioner go through the manual independently, so you can personalize your learning experience. If you are a skilled practitioner or already familiar with the theoretic concepts, you can jump directly on the second module. Meanwhile, new practitioners can use the manual as a whole.

Click HERE to download the Manual in English