Roundtable – Institutional capacities and local government decentralization as influencing factors in the process of aligning Albanian legislation with the EU acquis.In the framework of the project:

C1-EU-NPA – Improved Policy Debate and Accountability to Delivering on Fundamentals First, through the Establishment of Cluster One EU Negotiations Platform – Albania (C1-EU-NPA)

This roundtable organized by CSDG – Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance and the Institute of Political Studies aimed at presenting the findings of two political documents, Institutional Capacities as an influencing factor in the process of aligning Albanian legislation with the EU acquis and decentralized local government.

In this activity, members of the Parliament Dhurata Çupi and Etilda Gjonaj, as well as different experts in these fields, shared their opinions.

As a result some of the main reccomandations of these policy papers, were presented:

  • The overall EU integration structures should be as stable as possible;
  • Institutional coordination should be based on the new enlargement methodology and have more communication between the institutions responsible for all the chapters that are part of Cluster 1
  • Design and use appropriate IT tools/systems;
  • Training of newly appointed civil servants;
  • Designing and implementing an appropriate policy for the preservation of human capital;
  • A more balanced and decentralised local government
  • Financing of the regions based on the new cohesion law implementing EU standarts