International Whistleblowers Day – 2020In the framework of the project:

In 2020, the International Whistleblower Day was organized in Sarajevo by Coalition member Infohouse Foundation. This day is celebrated annually on March 24, but this time it was organized in June due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Free Speech Award was given to Sabina Ćudić, member of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, for revealing a scandal at a care facility for children with special needs, specifically the Institute for the Care of Mentally Disabled Children and Youth. The images were shocking in that they showed these children tied to their beds.

Mark Worth, executive director of the European Center for Whistleblower Rights and Dženana Alađuz, head of Infohouse Foundation considered Ćudić’s act heroic and inspiring towards a positive change in the future.

When she received the award, Ćudić referred to the people who reached out to her and reported the situation within the institute, and said: “I am honored and grateful for the award, but the moment the investigation is over and these people can speak publicly, I will pass this award on to them because if we talk about freedom of speech and whistleblowing today, this is not thanks to Sabina Ćudić but to those brave people who continue to take action to protect these children, despite the incredible pressure on them.” During the event Ćudić announced plans to introduce a national whistleblower law.