CSDG Research Associate Mirsada Hallunaj comments given to the SCAN TV on the implementation and challenges of the Law on Whistleblowing and the Protection of Whistleblowers in Albania.

2 May 2018

CSDG Research Associate Mirsada Hallunaj, invited on the program “Për të fol”, discussed about the implementation and current challenges that the Law on Whistleblowing and the Protection of Whistleblowers in Albania is facing so far. The law, which has been approved in June 2016 and which has already begin to be implemented for both sectors, constitutes a new practice for the country with regard to the reporting and disclosure of corruptive acts harmful to society occurring at the workplace. For this reason, the beginning of the law implementation is considered an important step regards to its progress and proper enforcement.
During the interview, a number of issues on the Law on Whistleblowing have been discussed, among which: establishment in public and private sector of the responsible reporting units for corruption cases; challenges encountered during the establishment of these units; the respective procedure for the reporting of whistleblowing cases; new provisions foreseen by the law as regard to employers’ and whistleblower’ responsibilities; forms of protection provided to whistleblowers and the advantages of whistleblowing compared to other forms of reporting not covered by the law; as well as the scope of corruptive acts covered in this law.