Appointment of the Judges of Special Courts and Prosecutors of SPAK towards finalization

The Justice Sector Reform, which has already entered the third year of its implementation, aims to address the problem of corruption and good governance in this important pillar of the democratic system.

One of the most important components of this reform is the establishment of Special Courts against Corruption and Organized Crime, and the Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK). Their establishment goes through a number of processes and procedures established by the Constitution and the laws on Justice Sector Reform.

After the establishment of the High Council of Prosecutor’s Office and the High Judicial Council, the process of setting up the Special Courts and the SPAK entered at a more advanced stage. Already when a considerable number of judges and prosecutors who are candidates for members of the Special Courts and SPAC have successfully passed the vetting process, the beginning of the establishment of these new bodies is closer than ever.

This informative video clip, prepared by the Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance, describes the process of setting up the Special Courts and the Special Prosecution Office up to this stage. This video was realized in the framework of the project “Strengthen public information and participation in the implementation of judicial reform through monitoring, evaluation and communication of the establishment and functioning of the institutions to combat corruption and organized crime”.

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