A Guide to Whistleblowing and Whistleblowers in Albania



The Albanian Parliament has adopted the law on whistleblowing and protection of whistleblowers in June 2016. The law was adopted following the recommendation of the European Union and is considered as an important anti-corruption tool.

The implementation of the law is expected to face challenges that stem from the lack of previous institutional experience in the field, the inherent complexity of whistleblowing and the prejudices associated with the concept. As part of the civil society efforts to contribute to the effective implementation of the law, CSDG has produced the Guide on Whistleblowing in Albania.

The guide serves as a didactic instrument for knowing better the law and so allowing for a smoother implementation. The guide provides answers to the fifty questions that whistleblowers and practitioners in charge of its implementation can raise most frequently.

You can download the guide in English language here:

A Guide to Whistleblowing and Whistleblowers in Albania