The seventh issue of SPAK Monitor is dedicated to the challenges related to capacity building of the Special Prosecution Office against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK). This number focuses also on the challenges related to the activity of the Special Courts against Corruption and Organized Crime (First Instance and Appeal).

Despite the progress achieved so far, in order to ensure a comprehensive and competent performance of the new established institutions, is required a well coordination in implementing a number of legislative steps. The role and competencies of prosecutors, managers, and employees in these institutions are considered as very crucial in order to provide an efficient management of the entire institutional’ structure.

The selection of the chairman, chancellor and administrative staff of the Special Courts is also an important step for the competed functioning of these bodies. Successful confirmation of the security verification conditions, essential for their appointment, effects not only the fulfillment of the vacancy positions but in particular ensure an effective performance of the Special Courts.

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