The 2nd Roundtable organized in framework of Month of European Integration Civic Engagement, by the Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance (CSDG) focused on: “Challenges of Albania’s approach to affectively tackle organized crime – Developing a more efficient and improved legal framework in aligning with EU approach“.

Issues presented in the policy paper which were discussed during this event, served to hold a discussion between actors from public and non-public institutions regarding the adoption of an improved approach of Albania in addressing organized crime.

As the effective fight against organized crime will remain one of the key indicators for the progress in the EU accession process, main findings and recommendations of this policy paper serve also to promote and improve Albania’s capacities in addressing effective instruments against organized crime.

* This is the first policy paper produced by the Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance (CSDG) in the framework of the project: “Improved Policy Debate and Accountability to Delivering on Fundamentals First, through the Establishment of Cluster One EU Negotiations Platform – Albania (C1-EU-NPA)” with the support of the Netherlands Embassy in Tirana.