SPAK MONITOR – Newsletter no.5

Appointment of prosecutors and judges in the Special Prosecution Office and Special Courts against corruption and organized crime remains conditioned on the re-evaluation institutions’ decisions:

Decisions taken by the Independent Qualification Commission and the Appeal Chamber will determine the progress of the positions fulfillment in the new institutions against corruption


The fifth issue of SPAK Monitor describes the progress of the re-evaluation process towards prosecutors and judges who candidate for the relevant positions in the Special Courts and the Special Prosecution Office against corruption and organized crime.

An important section of this issue is dedicated to the completion of the legal steps exercised by the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) as regard to the professional skills’ assessment and classification of 15 prosecutors competing for 15 vacancy positions in the Special Prosecution Office.

This issue addresses also relevant aspects related with the establishment of the Special Courts against Corruption and Organized Crime, including organizational measures, Budget Strategy, security system, technology for servers, registries and other technical and administrative aspects.

Other crucial measures involve work premises, budget allocation and staff recruitment of the High Prosecutorial Council, in order to support the daily activities of one of the newest and most important institutions in the justice system.

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